San Diego Junior Theatre’s 4th Season of Shows

Below are the shows produced during its fourth season by the Junior Theater Wing of the San Diego Community Theater (now, the Old Globe). Productions took place in the auditorium of Roosevelt Junior High School, the recital hall and puppet theatre at the Palisades Building in Balboa Park, and at Wegeforth Bowl in the San Diego Zoo.

Past Shows

The Ghost of Mr Penny

Directed by Raymond Kniss
Written by Rosemary Musil


June Mad

Directed by Donna Woodruff
Dramatized by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements
From their Novel, The Awful Age

The Reluctant Dragon by Maxfield Parrish

The Reluctant Dragon

Directed by Mary Corrigan and Irma Fraser MacPherson
Adapted for the Stage by Emma Gelders Sterne
Based on Dream Days by Kenneth Grahame
Musically Directed by Mrs L.F. Blanchard
Choreographed by June Shields
Set Design by Robert Saunders

The Thursday Murders

The Thursday Murders

Directed by Dorothy Hicks
Adapted by John McGreevey
From the Novel by Craig Rice


Seven Little Rebels

Directed by Mary Agnes Roth
Written by Rosemary Musil

Farmer Griggs's Boggart

Farmer Grigg's Boggart

Directed by Mrs Richard Billingsley and Mary Corrigan
Adapted for the Stage by Mary Thurman Pyle
Based on the Story by Howard Pyle

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The Princess Who Disappeared

Directed by Rosemary Rice and Mary Corrigan
Written by Geraldine McGaughan

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The Emperor's New Clothes

Directed by Shirlee Johnson