Irma Fraser MacPherson

Irma Fraser MacPherson (1896-1984) was the first director and founder of San Diego Junior Theatre.

In 1947, San Diego Community Theater (now the Old Globe) artistic director Craig Noel asked Irma Fraser MacPherson to form a children’s theatre program at the Globe.

After moving to San Diego, she married Dr. Fraser MacPherson, who was supportive of her involvement in theatre, even going so far as to build a small theatre in their home for local readings and performances.

In 1948, Irma Fraser MacPherson and Mary Corrigan formed a junior wing called the Community Theater’s Junior Theater Workshop. It was renamed the San Diego Junior Theatre Wing of the Old Globe Theatre in 1951.

A favorite at the Old Globe, she played Linda Loman in Craig Noel’s 1953 production of Death of a Salesman.

Alice in Wonderland

Directed by Donna Woodruff
Assisted by Fred Bubenhofer
Based on the Stories by Lewis Carroll

San Diego Junior Theatre's 1954 production of Alice in Wonderland

Rip Van Winkle

Directed by Frank Crawford
Written by Grace Dorcas Ruthenburg
Choreographed by Susan Reilly
Musically Directed by Gene Bowers

San Diego Junior Theatre's 1953 production of Rip Van Winkle

Marco Polo

Directed by Frank Crawford
Assisted by Marcia Saxman and Polly Chase
Written by Geraldine Brain Siks

San Diego Junior Theatre's 1953 production of Marco Polo.

Ole Kittleson sells Irma Fraser MacPherson (in her dressing room at the Old Globe Theatre) tickets to June Mad