San Diego Junior Theatre Student Area

San Diego Junior Theatre Cast Lists and notes will be announced here soon after each Callback.


School of Rock

DirectorWilfred Paloma
Castlist Notes

First rehearsal is Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 from 4:30-7:00pm in room 102 of the Casa del Prado classroom building.

Everyone is called to the first rehearsal.  A detailed rehearsal schedule will be handed out at that time.  Cast Packets with all other pertinent information will be sent out prior to first rehearsal. If you do not receive your emailed packet by Friday July 30th at 12:00p,  or have a different email than the one on file,  please contact Production Manager Kyle Waterman at


Dewey Finn- Devon Jack

Rosalie Mullins- Ceinna Wolters

Ned Schneebly- Ben Park

Patty Di Marco- Alexandra Adsit

Summer- Grace Balkowski

Tomika- A’verie Bell

Zack- Oliver Davis

Lawrence- Graham Kroonen

Freddy- Jameson Johnston

Katie- Pita Birkbeck

Shonelle- Ezri Alvarez

Marcy- Alex Walker

Billy- Bennett Halle

Theo- Trevor Standifer

Doug- Alex Dowie

Bob- Demian Deonarine


Alex Dowie

Amparo Sagun

Ava Wadia

Cassidy Walters

Connor Bradshaw

Delaney Renwick

Demian Deonarine

Genevieve Foster

Kai West

Katie Ditter

Mika Peck

Paulina Zepeda

Soshian Wisner

Sydney Kroonen

Thais Santana

Trevor Standifer

Zoey Mendehall


Anabella Leos

Anton Schneiderwind

Aribella Presley

Ayla Feren

Gabe Gerson

Jacobo Birkbeck

Keiran Collins

Leah Rojas

Luke Renner

Maia Cabrera

Marina Hall

Natalie Spencer

Sophie Kelvin

Syrena Peck

Tristan Heil

*Additional roles will be assigned when rehearsals start*


Crew forms are still being accepted and can be found here. Completed forms can be turned into the Main Office or emailed to


Stage Manager- Marlee Koury

Assistant Stage Managers- Lainey Bowler and Eli Thoron