San Diego Junior Theatre Student Area

San Diego Junior Theatre Cast Lists and notes will be announced here soon after each Callback.


Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon

DirectorRandall Eames
Castlist Notes

First rehearsal is Monday, November 13th, 2017 from 4-6pm in room 102 of the Casa del Prado classroom building.

Everyone is called to the first rehearsal.  A detailed rehearsal schedule will be handed out at that time.  Cast Packets with all other pertinent information will be sent out shortly. If you do not receive your emailed packet by Saturday November 11th by 5p or have a different email than the one on file,  please contact Kyle at

Thanks again to all who auditioned!


Jack: Ezra Ramirez

Annie: Julia Van Skyke

Polly/Morgan: Paulina Zepeda

Captain Bones: Zoe Carnot

Teeki: Sophie Maretz

Pedro: Annabella Leos

Corey: Sydney Kroonen

Stella: Soshian Wisner

First Mate: Luke Renner

Jonah: Jackson Allen

Pinky/ Blinky/ Slinky/ Stinky: 

Lian Gilor

Richie Lynn

Connor Bradshaw

Tristan Heil


Audie O’Neal

Finley McIntyre

Gabriel Gerson

Graham Kroonen

Joee Verdin

Zoey Mendenhall


Stage Manager: Marlee Koury

Assistant Stage Manager: Victoria Porras

Light Board Operator:

Sound Board Operators:

Spotlight Operators:


Costume/Makeup Crew:

Box Office: