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Sadie Lou Tieri

Sadie Lou Tierl

Sadie Lou Tieri (1917-2000) was an actor, playwright and director. From Dallas Texas, she began her dramatic career at age 3, and went on to star in Old Globe Theatre productions, write and direct musical dramas and become a founding member of San Diego Junior Theatre.

She studied drama under Hunton Sellman, E. Kingsley Povenmire and Robert Corrigan at San Diego State College, earning a bachelor’s degree in theater art in 1951.

Associated with the San Diego Community Theater group, Tieri appeared in the 1950 Old Globe productions of The Taming of the Shrew and Romeo and Juliet, with Jackson Woolley.

In 1950, she directed two short one-acts by local playwrights, in a community outreach program sponsored by the San Diego Park and Recreation Department. The productions toured local playgrounds, and mobile sets were transported venue-to-venue by truck.

The Junior Theatre shows were The Three Golden Leaves, by Carroll Rice, and The Lone Name, by Genevive Turnac.

Sadie Lou was nominated for an Atlas Award for her role as Cornelia in The Bat (1951), and won Best Actress award for her portrayal as Countess Aurelia in the Old Globe’s production of Madwoman of Chaillot (1952).

Tieri left the limelight in the 1950s to raise two adopted sons. She resurfaced more than a decade later, this time behind the scenes. She directed and wrote musical adaptations of The Drunkard and The Road to Rainbow for San Dieguito Little Theater.

In 1981, her adaptation of Wycherley’s A Country Wife evolved into the musical Oh, Henry, Oh at the Marquis Public Theater in San Diego.

The Three Golden Leaves

Directed by Sadie Lou Tieri
Assisted by William Butler and Shirley Kretschmer
Written by Carroll Rice

Can a Princess win back her kingdom from creatures of an ominous Black Wizard? Three golden leaves from a magic tree will tell, in this magical tale.

Sadie Lou TierlTaming of the Shrew, Old Globe Theatre, 1950