George Carroll Rice

Carroll Rice in Romeo and Juliet, Old Globe Theatre, 1950

George Carroll Rice, Jr (b 1929) is a writer and playwright. He attended Grossmont High School in La Mesa, and graduated from San Diego State College (now, SDSU) in 1951.

While a member of the SDSC drama department, he appeared in several productions at the Old Globe Theatre, including Twelfth Night (the first production of their annual Shakespeare Festival, 1949) and Romeo and Juliet, (1950) with Jackson Woolley, Donna Woodruff, and Sadie Lou Tieri (all directed for Junior Theatre). Rice designed the sets for the 1950 production of Off Limits, a SDSC musical comedy.

Rice wrote The Three Golden Leaves, a short play produced by Junior Theater Wing in 1950, for his playwriting class at SDSC. It was performed by students as part of their Summer Drama Workshop in a community outreach tour at several San Diego playgrounds.

His sister Rosemary (who also studied drama at SDSC) directed The Princess Who Disappeared, as part of 1951’s Junior Theater Wing outreach series, which toured the County.

Rice enlisted in the Air Force in 1951, and upon his discharge hoped to develop a writing career through stage and film in Los Angeles. It developed in the technical field — operation and maintenance manuals for aircraft, missiles, and gas turbine engines.

His interest in theatre continues to this day and is reflected in his novels (written as G. C. Rice) — Celtic Star Rising, an Irish-Druid fantasy set in the theatre world of the 1890s, as are his three short crime novels, including Murder in the Star Dressing Room. The Great Tellurian Crown is developed around a high school production of Macbeth.

His current writing appears in Heritage, the newsletter of the El Cajon Historical Society.

The Three Golden Leaves

Directed by Sadie Lou Tieri
Assisted by William Butler and Shirley Kretschmer
Written by Carroll Rice

Can a Princess win back her kingdom from creatures of an ominous Black Wizard? Three golden leaves from a magic tree will tell, in this magical tale.

Carroll Rice in Romeo and Juliet, Old Globe Theatre, 1950Carroll Rice, right, in Twelfth Night, Old Globe Theatre, 1950George Carroll Rice