The Early Years: Children’s Theater 1946

The second season for the Children’s Theater program, organized by the City of San Diego Recreation Department.
Just as in the previous year, the Children’s Theater program was again directed by Lois De Lannoy and Beth Masterson, with assistance from members of the Footlights Theater group. De Lannoy and Masterson taught the drama classes, with Frank Benham teaching dance. John Ward was musical director and Ralph McKay was business manager. Ward wrote the original score and McKay the book for the season’s Sleeping Beauty.

Past Shows

Balboa Park , in about 1945

1946 One-Act Plays

The Laundry Mark
Written by Beatrice Humiston McNeil
At the Fountain
Written by Ernest Selley

Directed by Lois De Lannoy and Beth Masterson
Music by San Diego Youth Symphony

1946 Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Directed by Lois De Lannoy and Beth Masterson
Adapted for the Stage by Ralph McKay
Music by John Ward
Choreographed by Frank Benham