July 31, 1950–August 4, 1950
San Diego City Park Playgrounds

Directed by Sadie Lou Tieri
Assisted by William Butler and Shirley Kretschmer
Written by Carroll Rice

Our 2nd Season, 1949-1950

The Three Golden Leaves

The Three Golden Leaves is a story about a princess (what else?) winning back a kingdom from the creatures of an ominous Black Wizard. Three golden leaves from a magic tree standing at the end of the world overcome his power, and the kingdom is saved.

Junior Theatre’s 1950 touring community outreach production of The Three Golden Leaves was a collaborative effort by local college drama students and faculty, performed by Sadie Lou Tieri’s Junior Theater Wing Summer Workshop students. Tieri was a member of Hunton Sellman’s play directing class at San Diego State College, and was participating in the Old Globe’s Shakespeare Festival.* She directed The Three Golden Leaves with assistance by William Butler of the Park and Recreation Department, and San Diego State College student Shirley Kretschmer.

The play was adapted by fellow student George Carroll Rice from a work he had written in his playwriting class San Diego State College.

Mobile sets were designed by Richard Comstock, and transported by truck for venue-to-venue.

*Sadie Lou Tieri, George Carroll Rice, Raymond Kniss and Frank Crawford appeared together in the Old Globe’s production of Romeo and Juliet.

A JT Premiere! Recommended for all ages.

Past Performances

Produced by the Junior Theater Wing of the San Diego Community Theatre, in association with the San Diego State College drama department, the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, and the City of San Diego. Sources: San Diego Union, 1950; interview, George Carroll Rice, 2015.