Little Red Riding Hood, or, Old Grandmother Slyboots, 1951
May 17–26, 1951
Old Globe Theatre

Directed by E. Kingsley Povenmire
Dramatized by Charlotte B. Chorpenning
Prologue by Mrs William Bauman

Our 3rd Season, 1950-1951

Little Red Riding Hood, Or, Grandmother Slyboots

In Charlotte Chorpenning’s 1946 version of the classic Little Red Riding Hood, a young Wolf — who thinks he’s smarter than men — plots to outwit them, and make them his servants. He gains possession of Red Riding Hood’s cloak by trickery. He learns the password used between her and her grandmother, and he practices until he can talk and walk exactly like Red Riding Hood. But he cannot learn to control his Wolf nature, and just when success is almost within his grasp, sly old Grandmother trips him up. It takes three acts for him to learn that it is better to be a good Wolf than an imitation man.
Grandmother Slyboots, directed by King Provenmire, was the first major production of The Old Globe’s newly organized Junior Theater Wing. Two matinées were performed in La Mesa (May 17) and La Jolla (May 19), then a two-performance run at The Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park, (Friday night May 25, Saturday night May 26). Concurrently, the Old Globe was playing a murder mystery, The Bat, in which Sadie Lou Tieri appeared.
A JT Premiere! Recommended for all ages.
Little Red Riding Hood - Lynn Ruth Pyle
Red’s Mother - Mary Bauman
Red’s Father - Ole Kittleson
Big Bad Wolf - Ed Gould
Junior Wolf - Dolores McDougal
Grandmother - Carmen Cunningham
Nicholas - Neal Reasoner, John Stein
Heart of the Oak - Suzanne Allen
Sets - Robert Corrigan
Costumes - Sadie Lou Tieri
Stage Manager - Oril Olson
Assistant Stage Manager - Trent Tiedeman

Little Red Riding Hood, Or, Grandmother Slyboots presented through special arrangement with the Children’s Theatre Press (now Dramatic Publishing). Production sponsored in part by the San Diego Community Theater, the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, and the City of San Diego.