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Crew with San Diego Junior Theatre

In order to crew a production, students must be ages 8-18, and be enrolled in the required current class or camp session. Crew may not miss any performances or technical rehearsals called for.

Complete the Crew Application Form Online; or download the Crew Form return it to the Administrative Office via Email; or mail to 1650 El Prado, Suite 208, San Diego, CA 92101. Call the Education Office for further information at 619-239-1311.

Complete Crew Application Online   Download Crew Application (PDF)


Greets patrons, checks tickets, and seats audience members. Ushers will have one day of crew training prior to opening night and are not called for School Day Matinees. This is a great crew for first-time students or those that cannot miss school.

House Manager:
Supervises ushers in daily duties and problem-solves any patron issues that arise. House Manager will have one day of crew training prior to opening night and are not called for School Day Matinees. House Manager should be organized. professional, and able to supervise fellow students.

Box Office:
Assists Box Office Supervisor in the selling and handling of tickets. Box Office will have one day of crew training prior to opening night, are not called for School Day Matinees, and is released 15 minutes after the start of the show on performance days. The box office student should have good customer service skills and be comfortable handling money and working independently.

Works with the Costume and Hair/Makeup designers to organize and maintain wigs and costumes. Also, assists cast members with costume changes, wigs, and specialty makeup. Costume/Hair/Makeup crew will have one day of training prior to tech week and be called for all dress rehearsals and performances.

Works backstage to move sets, organize props and manage the stage area. Stage crew will have between 1 to 3 days of training in the week prior to tech week and will be called for all tech and dress rehearsals and all performances.

Spotlight Operator:
Runs the spotlight during performance.

Sound Board Operator:
Sets up and maintains wireless microphones and well as running sound board and sound cue effects during performances.

Light Board Operator:
Runs light board during performances, as well as helps maintain lighting instruments and equipment.