A rare poster for San Diego Junior Theatre's 1954 production of Aladdin
October 16–24, 1954
Roosevelt Jr High School Auditorium

Directed and Choreographed by Susan Reilly
Written by James Norris
Costumes by Irma Fraser MacPherson

Our 7th Season, 1954-1955

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Spurred on by the popularity of the film Aladdin and His Lamp several years before, Junior Theatre produced this version of the Arabian Nights tale, in 1954. This adaptation by James Norris retells the children’s tale of Aladdin, a tailor’s son who suddenly becomes rich and powerful when he obtains a magic lamp and ring possessed of genies and slaves to do his bidding. Aladdin uses his new power to win the hand of Princess Adora from her father, the Sultan, but his plans are complicated by a wicked magician who also desires the lamp.
A JT Premiere! Recommended for all ages.
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A rare poster for San Diego Junior Theatre's 1954 production of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Cast (Partial)
This production was double-cast, with alternating actors, so all students could participate.
Aladdin - Gary Riggs
His mother - Lorraine Keen, Darlene Geer
Princess Adora - Sharon Barcom, Catherine Terry
The Sultan -
Evil Magician - Victor Buono
Noona, handmaiden -
Genie of the Ring - John Hutchinson
Genie of the Lamp - Jon Sutherland
Courtiers, Slaves of the Lamp -

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp presented through special arrangement with Children’s Theatre Press (now, Dramatic Publishing). Production sponsored in part by the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, the City and the County of San Diego. Sources: Ralph W Hastings, “‘Aladdin’ to be presented by Junior Theatre players,” San Diego Union, September 25, 1954.