Aurand Harris

Aurand Harris (1916–1996) was at one time one of the country’s most popular writers of children’s plays, and was the recipient of many awards including the Chorpenning Playwriting Award and an NEA Fellowship for Creative Writing.

Harris penned more than 50 plays, beginning with Once Upon a Clothesline in 1945, which broke from the fairy tales traditionally featured in children’s theatre, and instead profiled two characters dressed in yellow jumpsuits to resemble clothespins.

In 1964 he wrote Androcles and the Lion, his best known work. It was translated into many languages, and was for a time the most produced play of any American playwright for children.

Once Upon a Clothesline

Directed by Signe Culbertson
Assisted by James Sams
Written by Aurand Harris

The charming story of two clothespins, Pinno and Pinnette, who become acquainted while they hold a quilt on the line, then the ugly Black Spider threatens!