San Diego Junior Theatre Student Area

San Diego Junior Theatre callbacks, dates and notes will be posted here after each Audition.

Callback Notice:

Mary Poppins

DirectorRayme Sciaroni
Callback Date/TimeTuesday, September 1, 2015, 4:00 pm
Callback Info

Callbacks will be in room 207 of the Casa del Prado classroom building from 4-8pm.  Please check in outside room 207 with the stage managers.  Please wait to be called inside the room.  Students will be called for the full 4 hours.

Callback Notes

Students should wear comfortable clothes they can move and dance in and must wear closed-toed and heeled shoes such as a sneaker (no flip flops or scandals will be allowed.)  If you already own jazz, tap or character shoes, please bring them.  All students will learn a dance combination at the callback. Some students will also learn and sing songs from the show as well as be asked to read scenes from the script. Not all students will be asked to sing or read from the script.

The cast list will be posted after 6pm on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  Thanks to all who auditioned.

Student Names

Claire Scheper

Delanie Tasto

Eileen Parks

Gabriel Smith

Nicole Warkentien

Jimmy Mylenek

Rayne Gonzalez

Tali Peled

Mackenzie Wrap

JC Calleros

Imahni King-Murillo

Saedy McCoy

Natalie Grant

Molly Nilsen

Megan Decker

Cierra Riddle

Kamila Reeder

Bella Rabine

CJ Rabine

Fiona Beyerle

Katy Dawson

Viviana Peji

Summer Kocher

Genna Foster

Kinzie Pipkin

Natasha Partnoy

Francesca D'Amico

Cienna Wolters

Isabelle Pickering

Megan Brown

Nick Asaro

Annabelle Foster

Liana Robin

Jacob Rodebaugh

Pierre Cozic

Olivia Dangelo

Colette Huber

Anya Price

Paulina Zepeda

Pita Birkbeck

Chancis Allen

Molly Buhaenko

Alexandra Adsit

Jaxon Poland

Cady Johnson

Cate Parker

Nathan Cooper

Kahlia Canada

Zena Gallouzi

Gavin Hamby

Wes Dameron

Maria Castiglione

Sophia Castiglione

Canaan King

Riley Cox

Asha Khanna

Emma Ragen

Marlee Koury

Thomas Reasoner

Zoe Seely

Angelie Walker

Alice Rickless

Lauren Rodriguez

Erin Longerbone

Sophia Valenti

Jake Goldfarb

Eevie Perez

Lucas Gonzalez

Glenn Quiroga

Maxwell Webster

Meghan Palitz

Dani Balmat

Gianna Merghart

Chase Anichini

Rosa Brooks-Kamper

Audie O'Neal

Rose'lyn Anaya

Natalie Tommasino

Thais Santana

Nicole Wood

Shannon Wood

Samuel Hendricks

Magenta Brown

Maya Wallace

Helen Barrios

Le'Andre Richmond

Alexis Younger

Ethan Sager

Nicole Gustafson