San Diego Junior Theatre Student Area


Production: The Addams Family
Director: Rayme Sciaroni

Callbacks for "The Addams Family" will be in room 207 of the Casa del Prado building from 4-8pm.  Please check in with the stage managers outside the room.Everyone will be called for the full 4 hours.Parents can pick up their child at 8pm at the grassy lawn between the classroom building and the Theatre.


Please wear clothes you can move in.Everyone will be dancing.Please wear shoes you can dance in.No flip flops, sandals, backless or open-toed shoes will be allowed.Jazz shoes, character shoes or tennis shoes are fine.Actors will also be singing and possibly do some readings from the script.

Student Names:

Nathan Cooper

Kellen Gaughan

Shayne Cole

Megan Weilersbacher

Penny Cohen

Kathryn Sinclair

Maddy Ringer

Jacob Rodebaugh

Kailey Berry

Brandon Saldivar

Megan Decker

Brendan Dallaire

Emma Wineman

Dylan Haynes

Nick Asaro

Noah Wahamaki

Alyssa Uffins

CJ Rabine

Anton Mabey

Natasha Partnoy

Saedy McCoy

Jazley Genovese

Colette Huber

Isabelle Pickering

Nicole Delprincipe

Yasmine Ruiz

Mackenzie House

Maddie Williams

Ruby Ross

Pierre Cozic

Lane Palhegyi

Eevie Perez

Kaylee Thomas

Maia Larom

Connor Marsh

John Michel

Trystan Colburn

Hunter Katz

Carson Wells

Olivia Dangelo

Luke Barbarita

Gianna Merghart

Erin Longerbone

Mary Epperson

Marlee Phillips-Koury

Julia Starkey

Gavin Hamby

Jake Goldfarb

Helen Barrios

Hailey Andrews

Sara Melby

Tori Michaelian

Tony Cabauatan

Vivian Casillas

Sofia Bourche

Rile Grant

Zoe Trudeau

Dani Balmat

Thanks for auditioning.

Posted Friday, August 29, 2014