San Diego Junior Theatre Student Area


Production: Shrek
Director: Neil Rothschild

Callbacks for "Shrek" will be Saturday, February 8, 2014 from 9am-12 noon in room 103.Please wait outside the room until called in by the Stage Manager.Everyone will be called for the full 3 hours.


Please wear clothes and shoes you can move and dance in.No flip flops, sandals or open toe or backless shoes.Jazz shoes, character shoes or tennis shoes are acceptable.If you own a pair of tap shoes, please bring them with you to callbacks.If not, no worries.Thanks to all who auditioned!

Student Names:

Adam Rosenberg

Alexandra Adsit

Angelie Walker

Angelus Almera

Anya Price

Audrey Chapman

Brenna Fineman

Casey Purlia-Johnson

Chase Anichini

Christa Walton

Colette Huber

Connor Marsh

Eliana Bazzo

Emery Campen

Emily Ince

Emma Wineman

Erica Johnson

Erin Longerbone

Fenton Pare

Fiona Beyerle

Gianna Merghart

Grace Asaro

Hailey Andrews

Hayle O'Toole

Imahni King-Murillo

Jacob Rodebaugh

Jazley Genovese

John Michel

Kaari McBride

Kathryn Dawson

Kailey Berry

Katrina Heil

Kayla Daniel-Gonzales

Lauren Basurto

Lizzie Morse

Lou Rasse

Maddy Ringer

Maia Larom

Marlee Phillips Koury

Mary Epperson

Mashun Tucker

Maya Wallace

Meghan Palitz

Michaela Griffin

Molly Nilsen

Morgan Smith

Nadia Bourche

Natasha Partnoy

Nick Asaro

Olivia Weise

Pierre Cozic

Piper Shanks

Sebastien Mellen

Sofia Bourche

Spencer Lynn

Tony Cabauatan

Wes Dameron

Zoe Trudeau

Thanks for auditioning.

Posted Friday, February 7, 2014