The Indian Captive 1954
May 15–23, 1954
Roosevelt Jr High School Auditorium

Directed and Choreographed by Susan Reilly
Written by Charlotte B. Chorpenning

Our 6th Season, 1953-1954

The Indian Captive

San Diego Junior Theatre’s 1954 production of The Indian Captive, a dramatic incident taken from the actual history of the Seneca Indians. A little pioneer girl is captured by Indians and taken to their camp by Chief Cornplanter.
At the Indian camp she is regarded with distrust, and there is a gripping and dramatic scene where her courage is tested by fire. When her spirit proves firm, she is adopted with high ceremony into the Seneca tribe. The Senecas teach her their ways and customs and grow to love her—so much, that when Eleanor's mother comes to seek her, they disguise Eleanor and threaten to kill her mother if the child makes any sign of recognition. There is a tense scene where Eleanor keeps faith with the Indians while longing to make some sign of love to her mother.
Chief Cornplanter finally realizes that her happiness lies with her own people, and with a heavy heart he lets her go.
The Indian Captive was sponsored in part by the San Diego Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).
A JT Premiere! Recommended for all ages.