San Diego Junior Theatre's 1953 production of Rip Van Winkle
November 21–29, 1953
Roosevelt Jr High School Auditorium

Directed by Frank Crawford
Written by Grace Dorcas Ruthenburg
Choreographed by Susan Reilly
Musically Directed by Gene Bowers

Our 6th Season, 1953-1954

Rip Van Winkle

As Rip Van Winkle loafs about in front of the Inn, he is such a jolly man it is hard to understand how his wife can scold and abuse him so. Later, Rip is driven out into the storm and up the shadowy mountain. Rip stumbles onto six little men and they lead him on a merry dance over the rocks, and give him a drink from their private brew.
Rip finally drops from weariness, the little men are lost in the shadows, and a flash of lightning reveals only a tired old Dutchman sleeping through the storm.
When Rip returns to the village twenty years later he attracts a curious crowd who are strangers to him.
San Diego Junior Theatre produced Grace Dorcas Ruthenburg’s comical dramatization of Rip Van Winkle in November, 1953.
Rip Van Winkle was sponsored in part by the San Diego Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).
A JT Premiere! Recommended for all ages.
Rip Van Winkle - Fred Bubenhofer
Dame Van Winkle - Karen Adams, Billie Lee Harden
Dame Van Buskirk - Marcia Saxman
Derrick Van Bummel - Gary Riggs
Brom Butcher - Jon Sutherland
Nicholas Vedder - Jim Pierik
Peddlar - Dick Furstenburg
Judith Van Winkle (10) - Connie Korander
Judith Van Winkle (20) - Sharon Linn
Dwarves - Irene Anger, Debby Brask, Vicki Gleisner, Victor Korski, Donald McClintock, Susan Ohman
Ensemble - Shon Brownlee, Polly Chase, Phil Clark, Rachel Cole, Michael Davis, Judy Enright, Clarice Gillis, Nancy Galzier, Don Jennings, Martha Karp, Lorraine Keen, David Lieberman, Douglas McCarrier, Anne McEver, Rusty Pierik, Donna Taylor, Ricky Wetzell
Stage Manager - Nancy Lustig
Sets - Henry Shelton, Fred Bubenhofer, Polly Chase, Phil Clark, Dick Furstenburg, Billie Lee Harden, Don Jennings, Martha Karp, Korki Korski
Costumes - Irma Fraser MacPherson, Karen Adams, Marcia Saxman, Jon Sutherland
Sound - Sharon Linn, Gail Rundstrom
Lights - Virginia Curl, Mary Lou Garnsey
Stagecrew, props - Mrs lawrence H. Brownlee, Irene Anzer, Shon Brownlee, Judy Enright, Clarice Gillis, Nancy Glazier, Vicki Gleissner, Lorraine Keen
Ushers - Polly Chase, Rachel Cole, Mike Davis, Judy Enright, Eleanor Gaillon, Clarice Gillis, Claudia Huff, Martha Karp, Lorraine Keen, Connie Korander, Dave Lieberman, Ann McEver, Rusty Pierik, Lynn Rumsey, April Soule, Catherine Terry
Publicity - Mary Kay Ely

Rip Van Winkle, dramatized by Grace Dorcas Ruthenburg. Presented through special arrangement with Children’s Theatre Press, Anchorage, KY (now, Dramatic Publishing). Production sponsored in part by the San Diego Branch of the American Association of University Women, the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, and the City of San Diego.