Scene from San Diego Junior Theatre's 1953 production of Marco Polo
October 17–25, 1953
Roosevelt Jr High School Auditorium

Directed by Frank Crawford
Assisted by Marcia Saxman and Polly Chase
Written by Geraldine Brain Siks

Our 6th Season, 1953-1954

Marco Polo

The Adventures of Marco Polo is the story of a young man’s adventurous travels throughout the world. It is the 13th century and a Venetian galley is preparing to sail for the mysterious East. Fourteen-year-old Marco Polo burning with eagerness to sail with his elders conceals himself in a cargo destined for the great Khan of Cathay. In a dramatic scene at Kublai Khan’s court he saves the Venetians from a dire fate and wins the favour of the great Khan himself.
The Sixth Season opener, San Diego Junior Theatre’s Marco Polo played in October, 1953, and featured “unusually beautiful and authentic costumes and elaborate settings.”
Director Frank Crawford cast a few adults in the play, including himself, technical director Henry Shelton, Ken Ferguson and Fred Bubenhofer, then attending community college.
Tickets were 85 cents for adults and 50 cents for children. The Adventures of Marco Polowas sponsored in part by the San Diego Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).
A Junior Theatre Premiere! Recommended for all ages.
Marco Polo - Arthur Comings, Jeff Lustig
Donata - Mary Margaret Blanchard
Nicolo - James Hill
Maeffo - Fred Bubenhofer
Angela - Sheila McMahon
Kublai Kahn - Gary Riggs
The Princess - Marcia Ruskin
Kuchachin - Barbara Blanchard
Zarza - Billie Lee Harden
Sen Chu - Jon Sutherland
Dragon Slave - Suzanne Klebba
Ensemble - Linda Burke, Rachel Cole, Frank Crawford, Ken Ferguson, Richard Furstenburg, Claudia Huff, Douglas Kahn, Martha Karp, David Lieberman, Stephen Lustig, Carlos Newman, Luise Petty, Jim Pierik, Henry Shelton, Sharon Wall
Sets - Henry Shelton
Makeup - William A. Roach
Costumes - Irma Fraser MacPherson

Marco Polo, presented through special arrangement with the Children’s Theatre Press (now Dramatic Publishing). Production sponsored in part by the San Diego Branch of the American Association of University Women, the San Diego Community Theater, the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, and the City of San Diego.