Tuition Assistance

San Diego Junior Theatre Tuition Assistance

We thank our audiences, participating families, and community supporters for their generosity. Because of their donations, San Diego Junior Theatre is pleased to offer full or partial funding to families who would otherwise be unable to participate in our educational program.

Junior Theatre has a limited amount of funding each class session for this purpose. Tuition assistance is available for classes and for camps. Tuition Assistance can be granted to a family for up to two consecutive sessions (summer camp is the exception). Applications must be submitted for each session.

Application deadlines apply, and should be confirmed before submitting an application by calling the Education Office at (619) 239-1311. Because Junior Theatre receives a high demand for assistance each session, it is each applicant’s responsibility to submit complete application forms and all requested documents before each deadline.

Applications are reviewed by the Education Committee, and applicants are informed of their eligibility by the week before the first class or camp. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, please call the Education Office.

Carla Corder,
(619) 239-1311

When applying for financial assistance at Junior Theatre, all policies and procedures must be adhered to.


Funding and Eligibility Guidelines

Junior Theatre follows gross income eligibility guidelines established for the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch Program. To check your eligibility, please refer to this online chart. Based on your submitted application material, the committee will determine a funding amount for each student.