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Information for Students and Parents

Do you want to audition for a Junior Theatre show?
Trying out, or auditioning for a play or musical can be a big deal. Auditions help a director to select young actors that will become her/his "cast." We suggest going to a Pre-Audition Meeting prior to the week of auditions. We always have them to introduce students, and parents alike, to the audition process. This meeting is important because the director will give information on the style of the play, good choices for audition material, and the types of performance for which he/she is looking.

Parents of auditioning students — we recommend reading this helpful Junior Theatre publication —
Parent Education Series: Helping Your Child Through the Audition Process

Audition Notices for new productions are always listed on our website.
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After the audition, you will have to wait to hear if you are "called back." A callback means that the director would like to see you again, perhaps to have you sing something from the show, or to see you next to another actor.

Callback Lists are posted on this website.
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Cast Lists
Once the director has decided on who is going to be the show, we release the cast list.

Cast Lists are posted on this website once they have been determined.
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Scholarship Fund
Each January, two yearlong scholarships for JT classes are provided through the Christian Rowley Memorial Scholarship Fund.
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