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JTAGS is a fund-raising enterprise run by the San Diego Junior Theatre Auxiliary. The gift shop is open in the theatre lobby for each production. We offer SDJT log merchandise as well as books relating to the shows!

Online, you'll soon find a great resource of good books, tapes, CDs and DVDs relating to drama, musicals, and our shows!

JTAGS Spotlight
Here are several selections we recommend to introduce you to lives of Hellen Keller and Anne Sullivan...
Click Here To Order! The Miracle Worker, motion picture, 1962. Starring Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke. Directed by Arthur Penn. VHS videocassette, NTSC format (US and Canada only). Black & white, closed-captioned.

Austerely beautiful treatment of William Gibson's play about Annie Sullivan (Bancroft), the remarkable woman who accepts the challenge of getting through to blind, deaf Helen Keller (Duke). There is absolutely no sentiment, which only increases the emotional power of the piece. Bancroft and Duke had been playing these parts on Broadway for over a year, but you'd never know it from their spontaneous and totally compelling performances, which earned them both Oscars. Director Arthur Penn also staged the play on which the film was based. Anne Bancroft and Helen Keller reprised their stage roles for the movie, and they both won Academy Awards for their acclaimed performances.

JTAGS Price: $13.99 (Save 6%)

Click Here To Order! The Miracle Worker, by William Gibson. Paperback, 122 pages, Bantom Books, 1984.

One of the most beautiful and heartfelt dramas of our time, this is the inspiring story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan — The Miracle Worker. Deaf, blind, and mute twelve-year-old Helen Keller was like a wild animal. Scared out of her wits but still murderously strong, she clawed and struggled against all who tried to help her. Half-blind herself but blessed with fanatical dedication, Annie Sullivan began a titanic struggle to release the young girl from the terrifying prison of eternal darkness and silence.

JTAGS Price: $5.39 (Save 10%)

Click Here To Order! Helen Keller in Her Story, documentary, 1955. VHS videocassette, NTSC format (US and Canada only). Black & white.

It is easy to see why this gentle documentary, as elegant as its subject, won an Academy Award in 1955. Narrated by actress Katharine Cornell and filmed in black and white, it spends the first 24 minutes introducing viewers, through newsreels, interviews, and old photographs, to the story of the deaf and blind disabled-rights pioneer. News footage shows her international appearances and visits with heads of state, including President Eisenhower allowing her to feel his face.

The second half takes a day-in-the-(exceptional)-life approach to Keller's existence circa 1955. Made just 13 years before her death, Keller's famed tutor-translator-friend Anne Sullivan had already died, leaving her live-in replacement, Polly Thomson, to share the film's focus.

From the time Keller takes her morning walk along the 1,000-foot handrail around her yard through her workday to her nightly reading of her Braille Bible, her serene acceptance of her life will amaze and inspire.

JTAGS Price: $26.99 (Save 10%)

Click Here To Order! The Story of My Life, by Helen Keller. Paperback, Bantam Classic, 1991.

Helen Keller would not be bound by conditions. Rendered deaf and blind at 19 months by scarlet fever, she learned to read (in several languages) and even speak, eventually graduating with honors from Radcliffe College in 1904, where as a student she wrote The Story of My Life. That she accomplished all of this in an age when few women attended college and the disabled were often relegated to the background, spoken of only in hushed tones, is remarkable. But Keller's many other achievements are impressive by any standard: she authored 13 books, wrote countless articles, and devoted her life to social reform. An active and effective suffragist, pacifist, and socialist (the latter association earned her an FBI file), she lectured on behalf of disabled people everywhere. She also helped start several foundations that continue to improve the lives of the deaf and blind around the world.

JTAGS Price: $4.45 (Save 10%)


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