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Cast and Crew Lists

Production:  Shrek
Director:  Neil Rothschild
Notes:  First rehearsal for Shrek will be Tuesday March 4, 2014 from 4-6pm in room 207 of the Casa del Prado classroom building. Everyone is called to the first rehearsal.

Principle characters should pick up their scripts/music starting 2/18/14 in the Main Office and begin memorizing lines prior to first rehearsal.

If you were not cast in the show, please consider crewing for the show. Crew forms can be turned into the Main Office Attn: Tony.

Thanks to all who auditioned.
Roll/Castmember Names:  Shrek- Conner Marsh
Fiona- Jazley Genovese
Donkey- Kaari McBride
Farquaad- Spencer Lynn
Pinocchio- Hayley O'Toole
Young Fiona- Anya Price
Teen Fiona- Natasha Partnoy
Dragon's Voice- Emma Wineman

Fairytale Ensemble
3 Little Pigs/3 Blind Mice/Dragon's Backup Singers- Hayley O'Toole, Maia Larom, Maddy Ringer
Papa Bear- Fenton Pare'
Mama Bear- Emma Wineman
Mama Ogre- Michaela Griffin
Papa Ogre/3 Little Pigs- Wes Dameron
Young Shrek- Pierre Cozic
Shrek's Brother- Tony Cabauatan
Shrek's Sister- Mary Epperson
Fairy Godmother- Natasha Partnoy
Humpty Dumpty- Lou Rasse
Ugly Duckling- Mashun Tucker
Wicked Witch- Eliana Bazzo
Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy- Casey Purlia Johnson
Elf- Imahni King-Murillo
Wolf- John Michel
Little Red Riding Hood- Chase Anichini
Pied Piper- Wes Dameron
White Rabbit- Sebestian Mellen
Peter Pan- Morgan Smith

Tap Dancers/Ensemble
Fiona Beyerle
Emery Campen
Erin Longerbone
Hayley O'Toole
Emma Wineman
Erica Johnson
Lou Rasse
Maia Larom
Brenna Fineman
Chase Anichini

Blue Bird- Lizzie Morse
Farquaad's Father- Pierre Cozic
King Harold- Jacob Rodebaugh
Queen Lillian- Brenna Fineman
The Bishop- Nick Asaro

4 Knights- Wes Dameron, John Michel, Fenton Pare
Sebastian Mellen
3 Girl Knights- Lizzie Morse, Maddy Ringer,
Maia Larom
5 Guards- John Michel, Wes Dameron, Sebastian Mellen, Mashun Tucker, Fenton Pare'

Skeletons- Lou Rasse, Erica Johnson, Emery Campen, Fiona Beyerle

Dragon Puppeteers- Hayley O'Toole, Pierre Cozic, Casey Purlia Johnson, Eliana Bazzo, Morgan Smith

Hailey Andrews
Kayla Daniel-Gonzales
Christa Walton
Marlee Phillips-Koury
Maya Wallace
Nadia Bourche
Grace Asaro

Thanks for auditioning.

Position/Crewmember Names:  The following is the Crew List for "Shrek". There are still open positions for
Light Board Op, Box Office, Stage Crew, and Costumes and Makeup. All other positions are full- if you are interested in crewing please turn a form into the main office or contact Production Manager Tony Cucuzzella at

Stage Manager- Colette Huber
Asst Stage Manager- Teah Price

Light Board Op-
Emily Morrison

Mark Barahura
Anton Mabey

Sound Board Ops-
Luke Ruggiero
Trystan Colburn

Angelina Lutz
Francesca D'Amico
Genna Foster
Angelie Walker

Sofia Bourche
Maggie Brown
Zoe Seely
Dariane Wood
Zoe Trudeau
Danielle Balmat
Sofia Islas
Emily Ince

Box Office-
Angelie Walker
Emily Ince

House Manager-
Hanna Samson

Artemis Calderon
Tyler Dahms
Jake Goldfarb
Lucas Gonzalez
Katrina Heil
Joshua Henson
Sophia Valenti
Alissa Widdecke

Posted Monday, February 10, 2014